How To Care

Take Care of your Roses.

How to handle them with love & care:


These are fresh flowers, preserved and made from real, natural roses. Here are some tips to keep your roses looking fresh:

  1. DO NOT water the roses! Avoid water, steam, or water mist.

  2. AVOID direct exposure to sunlight. Shade is recommended.

  3. AVOID placing near strong air vents.

  4. Place the arrangements in a room-temperature environment.

  5. Dust can be brushed away with a soft, dry duster.

  6. Any improper handling can result in tears, cracks, fading or translucence. Do not place anything on top of the roses.

  7. DO NOT remove the roses from the box. They are meant to stay in the box.

  8. Avoid any contact with light colored fabrics or surfaces, staining may occur.

  9. The lid is meant to remain on the bottom of the box.


The product is delicate, so follow these suggestions to avoid any issues! Show us your arrangement using #Dabaju.

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